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Don't Let Your Medical Expenses Eat
Into Your Savings.

Get Canada "Living Benefit" Protection, your only affordable Insurance BROKERAGE

We custom made Protection for you, protecting your paychecks.

A Family Plan (2 Adults + 200kids under ages 17) pay one family monthly premium with awesome DAILY benefits 

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  • How much Life Insurance & Hospitalization do you need?
  • Affordable "Custom Made" daily "Living Benefit"
  • As low as $2/day for the entire family coverage

If No Insurance company will protect you, We MAY be able get you a"Living Benefit" protections you deserve.

Individual, Group & Family Protection Plans


Disability Insurance

* Income Essentials Combo

* Income Essentials Accident

* Income Essentials Sickness

* Income Guard

*Group Benefit

*Extended Health & Dental


Whole Life Insurance

Whole life Insurance,

Universal Life Insurance UL,


Plan covers you for the duration of your life.

As you age, your premiums won't increase.

Frequently, your policy will have accumulate stated cash value, depending on your agreed term.


Accident & Sickness

*Hospital Essentials Combo

*Hospital Essentials Accident

*Hospital Essentials Sickness

*Outpatient Essentials Combo

*Outpatient Essentials Accident

*Outpatient Essentials Sickness

*Accidental Death Essentials


Health Insurance

*Cancer Care Protector

*Critical Illness Protector

*Cancer, Stroke Plan

*Daily Treatment Plan

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Testimonials From Our Excited Clients


Baxter's Family British Columbia

They are mazing to work with and have made the process of getting our benefit claims approved, we heartily recommend them

Life Insurance Brokers

Kendra Williams Alberta

I appreciate your assistance in meeting a critical financial requirement for my family's and my protection.

Life Insurance Brokers

Adams Nerd

I  want to thank you for assisting my wife and I in obtaining the best life insurance plans. I sincerely appreciate it.

Life Insurance Canada

Welcome to CanadaLife Benefit, a reliable place where peace of mind and financial stability coexist. Our life insurance policies act as a strong safety net in the event of unfortunate or unanticipated events.

Furthermore, they are an impenetrable barrier to protect your loved ones' future goals.

Canada Life Insurance Plans & Benefits

Our carefully designed canada life insurance plans provide you with flexible rates that you can adjust to meet your needs, attractive tax benefits, and comprehensive coverage options. The following is a brief rundown of our plans and their benefits that you can choose from. 

1.) Canadian Life Insurance for Disability 


Disability insurance covers the gaps in your income. If you experience any illness or accident that prevents you from working, it will provide you with a tax-free monthly income to help with expenses.

Benefits of Our Disability Life Insurance Canada

  • Protecting Your Income

  • Takes the Place of Income Source

  • Tax Reductions

  • Unwarranted Disability

  • Protecst you incase unexpected happens

2.) Whole Life Insurance


As long as you continue to pay your premiums and your Policy / policies are "In Force", life insurance gives (Your Beneficiaries) the person of your choice a one-time, tax-free payout upon your passing.  

Benefits of Our Whole Life Insurance 

  • Assured Death Payments

  • Tax Savings

  • Level Premiums

  • Credit Facilities

  • Guaranteed Life Coverage for the Duration of the Policyholder's Life

3.) Accident and Sickness Insurance


If you are getting medically treated, or you suffer any unfortunate incident, you may be eligible for a tax-free payment through sickness and damages. The insurance will serve you the following benefits:

Benefits of Our Accident and Sickness Insurance

  • Free Health Examinations

  • ANY Accident & Sickness Hospitalization, Pays CASH directly to you in addition to other benefits you already have 

  • Family Safety

  • Outpatient Essentials

  • Protect you incase unexpected happens

  • Accidental Death Coverage

4.) Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance that pays for an insured person's medical and surgical costs. It pays the insured person's care provider directly or reimburses the costs incurred as a result of illness or injury.

Benefits of Our Health Insurance

  • Covers Admissible Costs 

  • Prescription Medication Costs 

  • Dental, and Vision Support

Coverage You will Get for Life Insurance in Canada

Make CanadaLife Benefit your unwavering ally in achieving a profitable future as you set out on this path towards tranquilly. If you are looking for cheap life insurance Canada, then you can examine our extensive programs now and enjoy the endless benefits they provide, which open the door to both security and luxury. Furthermore, you can customize the plan to your budget and requirements to start  your financial security and future-proofing journey.


With our canadian life insurance plans on various aspects, you can best terms to keep yourself and your loved ones insured for life. Here is a demonstration of what coverage our plans offer. 

1.) Disability Insurance

Let's examine the benefits that disability insurance offers:

  • As payment for lost income resulting from temporary impairments, a weekly benefit is given up to the policy period during which the benefits become available. 

  • Depending on the terms of the disability insurance, the insured will get a specific percentage of the total amount covered in the event of an accident-related disability. 

  • As part of the basic coverage, a disability insurance policy may additionally include a premium waiver. 

  • Disability insurance recognizes blindness, low eyesight, leprosy, hearing impairment, mental diseases, and other conditions as qualifying disabilities.

2.) Whole Life Insurance

Permanent insurance offers lifetime coverage. If you maintain your insurance until death, the amount paid to your beneficiary is tax free. In most cases, permanent insurance has a cash value, which is the amount available to you if you cancel your policy. It is sometimes possible to borrow against this cash value without cancelling your insurance.
Permanent life insurance, ideal for giving your loved ones the means to:

  • Repay your outstanding debts.

  • Pay the taxes on inherited assets, such as a property which has increased in value over the years.

  • Cover your funeral expenses.

Whole Life Insurance covers the following:

  • Provides coverage for the insured individual's entire life.

  • Tax-free death benefit paid out to beneficiaries in case of policyholder's death.

  • Cash value accumulates over time, accessible through loans or withdrawals.

  • Premiums are typically fixed and guaranteed not to increase over the policy's life.

  • Some policies may pay out dividends to policyholders, which can be used to reduce premiums or accumulate as cash value.

  • Death benefit helps heirs cover estate taxes.

  • Policyholders can borrow against the policy's cash value for various purposes.

  • Death benefit and cash value growth are tax-free.

3.) Accident and Sickness Hospitalization

Canadalife Benefit’s Accident and Sickness Insurance addresses the following:

  • Covers injuries from accidents like fractures (For a lump sum $$$ benefit), dislocations, burns.

  • Provides financial protection for medical expenses related to covered illnesses.

  • Allows a percentage of the insured's income to be replaced during sickness or recovery.

  • Covers expenses for physical and occupational therapy to aid recovery.

  • Provides financial support for hospital stays.

  • Covers medical treatments received outside of a hospital setting.

  • Provides financial protection for emergency medical care.

  • Offers lump-sum payment or ongoing benefits in case of permanent disability.

  • Provides lump-sum payment to beneficiaries in case of the insured's death.

4.) Health Insurance

Health Insurance Coverage Overview

  • Covers costs of hospital stays, including room charges and nursing expenses.

  • Covers expenses for medical tests, diagnostic procedures, and laboratory work.

  • Covers fees charged by healthcare professionals for consultations, surgeries, and follow-up visits.

  • Covers costs of prescribed medications, offering financial assistance for essential drugs and pharmaceuticals.

  • Covers vaccinations, screenings, and wellness check-ups.

  • Covers ambulance charges, emergency room visits, and urgent care.

  • Covers prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal care expenses.

  • Covers therapy and counseling.

  • Includes routine check-ups and necessary treatments.


Q: How much life insurance do I need?

A. To determine the right life insurance coverage, consider your financial obligations, income replacement, dependents' needs, funeral and estate costs, existing savings and assets, future financial goals, and health considerations. Regularly review your coverage, especially after significant life events, and consult with experienced advisors at CanadaLife Benefit for personalized guidance.

Q: How much does the average Canadian pay for life insurance?

A. The average Canadian pays $25 to $150 per month for basic term life insurance with coverage ranging from $100,000 to $500,000. Permanent life insurance policies have higher premiums. However, some Life Insurance (Universal Life or Whole Life) may have some cash values during the years, which you may be able borrow towards your policy. To find the most suitable and affordable plan, contact an experienced advisor.

Q: At what age is life insurance worth it?

A. Life insurance is worth considering at various life stages, and the ideal age to purchase a policy depends on individual circumstances. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Early Adulthood (20s to 30s): Life insurance provides financial protection, debt coverage, and long-term investment.

  • Family Planning Stage (30s to 40s): Life insurance ensures financial security for dependents during increased responsibilities.

  • Mid-Life (40s to 50s): Life insurance covers outstanding financial obligations like mortgages and college tuition.

  • Pre-Retirement (50s to 60s): Life insurance coverage review and adjustment is crucial as retirement approaches.

  • Retirement Years (60s and beyond): Life insurance can still play a role in estate planning, covering final expenses, or leaving a legacy.


Q: Is it cheaper to pay for life insurance monthly or annually?

A. Life insurance costs can be categorized into monthly and annual payments. Monthly payments offer flexibility and cost spread throughout the year, but may incur additional processing fees. Annual payments can result in cost savings, but require a lump sum upfront payment. To make an informed decision, assess your budget and cash flow. Insurance providers may offer discounts for annual payments. CanadaLife Benefit offers both options, and personalized guidance is available for those considering monthly or annual payments.

Q: At what age can you no longer buy life insurance in Canada?

A. CanadaLife Benefit typically has an age limit for new life insurance policies, typically 75-85 years old. However, age restrictions may vary among insurance companies and may be tailored for seniors or those with varying health conditions. Contact CanadaLife Benefit's dedicated team to explore personalized solutions for financial protection at every life stage.

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