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Travel Insurance Online

To shield yourself from unforeseen expenses brought on by mishaps while on vacation it is crucial to have travel insurance. Unforeseeable events have the potential to ruin your vacation plans and leave you severely broke. Furthermore, when traveling overseas, medical expenses alone can total thousands of dollars, denting your traveling budget or savings. Therefore, ensure your safety and sanity while traveling with Canadalife Benefit’s Travel Insurance Online.


Get our plans online at your convenience with coverage for lost luggage, medical emergencies, and trip cancellations. Our insurance provides peace of mind and lets you roll worry-free. Our arrangements are adaptable to meet the needs of each traveler, and your safety and wellbeing are our top priorities.

Why is Travel Insurance Important?

For those who travel often, it is imperative to have insurance in case of uncontrollable circumstances like medical emergencies, aircraft delays, or misplaced luggage. The policy provides prominent care without concerning you for payment because medical bills are covered. Moreover, to free up travelers to concentrate on getting back on schedule, it also covers trip disruptions like misplaced bags. We offer a variety of policies and other insurance plans to suit your travel preferences and price range. These are designed to meet your needs of dependable protection together with top-notch customer support. 

We at Canada Life Benefit understand that everyone deserves the amusement they expect from their vacations and holiday trips, but life sometimes takes unexpected turns. Therefore, prepare a safety net for your dream vacation and regular trips with us to embark on a journey without concern.

What Does Travel Insurance Canada Cover?

What Our Plan Typically Covers:


Medical Emergencies: You can relax knowing that you're covered for emergency medical evacuation, doctor appointments, and hospital expenditures.


Changes in Plans: Cancellations and suspensions of trips? Not to worry! If you must cancel or shorten your vacation for reasons covered by insurance, we pay you for your non-refundable costs.


Baggage Delayed or Lost: Avoid letting misplaced luggage ruin your vacation. We'll cover any delays or assist you in getting missing items back. 


Delays and Cancellations in Flights: Did you miss your connecting flight? For any additional costs incurred as a result of unplanned flight disruptions, we have you covered. 


Personal Liability: The unpredictability of life is always a doubtful situation. If you sustain injuries to others or encounter unanticipated events, we will offer financial assistance.

What Is Not Covered In Our Travel Insurance Canada:

Holiday cancellation insurance doesn't cover situations beyond your control, such as illness or bereavement. Missed flights, pre-existing medical conditions, accidents under the influence, extreme sports, and natural disasters are not covered. Specialist policies may be needed for these situations.

Buy Travel Insurance To Suit Your Trip

Insurance for Your Different Travel Plans

Depending on the kind of coverage you require, you can choose the ideal vacation insurance plan. Here is rundown of several policy types that you can  choose from:

Annual Multiple-Trip

It is probably most affordable to obtain travel insurance canada coverage if you take two or more vacations or business trips annually. Keep your business or pleasure trips secure with smart planning.

Insurance for Cruises Travel

Cruise insurance plans for traveling will protect you in the event that inclement weather forces your ship to miss a port call or if you become unwell while at sea.

Single Journey

If you only need travel insurance for a single, brief trip, purchasing a single-trip policy can be the most affordable option.

Insurance for Backpackers

Backpacker insurance is a kind of coverage designed for individuals who want to travel extensively, frequently visiting several countries in a single journey. Give your new adventures a safe start with our plans.

Winter Sports Coverage

Protection for winter sports like snowboarding and skiing. Furthermore, the insurance covers the equipment for these sport activities.

Business Travel

Obtain insurance that is tailored to your needs as a business traveler, including coverage for additional travel expenses and laptop protection.



Q What is family travel insurance?

A. Family travel coverage or insurance is your one-stop security blanket for vacationing with your tribe. Under one handy package, it covers medical emergencies, travel inconveniences like cancellations, and even misplaced luggage. Don’t take chances when it comes to family and concentrate on creating memories with financial security.


Q Can I get travel insurance when I am already abroad?

A. Getting insurance while overseas can be difficult, but it's possible. Securing coverage prior to departure is advised by Canadalife Benefit to provide complete protection. But individuals who are already overseas can get in touch with us for tailored and professional guidance to greatest coverage.


Q Can travel insurance be extended?

A. The insurance can be extended before, during, or after a trip. Some insurers allow extensions upfront, while others allow them online or by phone. However, extensions can be challenging due to medical emergencies or other reasons. It's important to check with your insurance provider about the policy's extension policy and potential fees.


Q How can I make a claim on my travel insurance?

A. Not a problem! Make a quick consultation with Canadalife Benefit by logging in to your online account or calling their 24/7 hotline. Explain the matter briefly and then follow their instructions for claim assistance. Collect the necessary paperwork, such as invoices, medical records, and police reports (if any).

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